Five Tips for Promoting 在线 Employee Training in Your Organization

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Ongoing training and professional development are essential if you want your team to remain up to date on technology and industry trends. Training programs could also boost critical thinking skills, 提供社交机会, and help employees to feel more confident in their roles.

Motivating your team to engage in these programs, however, might be difficult. Especially if your employees already have a lot on their plates and don’t immediately see how the training applies to their jobs or career paths.

Here are 5 strategies to engage your team and share the long-term career benefits with them.

  1. 向他们展示好处

    Employees may not be motivated to learn if they can't see the positive impact the training could have. Therefore, you can inspire them to participate by clearly communicating this to them.

    例如, training could potentially help employees get their work done more quickly and efficiently. It could increase the potential for career advancement within the company. Or it could boost business growth, opening further opportunities in the future.

    Make sure that you emphasize benefits like these early on – in course descriptions and intros – but also as a reminder as courses progress.

    其中一种方法便是角色扮演. 随着员工继续接受培训, devise roleplaying scenarios that allow them to put their new skills to use. This can give them an immediate understanding of the importance of what they’re learning.
  2. 激励可以带来同样的结果

    Offering incentives – anything from paid time off to bonuses – is another way to encourage employees to engage in training.

    For more substantial education such as completing college courses or degree programs, the incentives should be more substantial as well. Rewards like potential promotions or salary increases can be powerful motivators.
  3. 培养兴趣

    It is important to understand your employees’ values and which courses can improve efficiency. To do this, ask for their input and use it to guide the development of their training program.

    一旦项目实施, 继续收集反馈, keeping an eye out for areas of improvement.
  4. 培养他们的个人兴趣

    Offering your team training that directly applies to their jobs may be beneficial, but allowing them to follow their personal passions could be a smart investment as well.

    Coupling personal elective courses with job-related training could help your team become more engaged in the program, 提高他们的批判性思维能力, or help them to discover different roles within your company that might better suit their interests and talents.
  5. Make 学费 Reimbursement Part of Your Benefits Package

    When you include tuition assistance to your benefits package you can offer your team an opportunity to lower tuition costs.

    Doing this can have other benefits as well – from tax benefits and recruitment advantages to potential increased business growth and boosts to your brand.

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