作为CTU的一名学生, there are a number of resources available to help you manage your education, 与同伴联系, and prepare for life after graduation. We’re here to provide you with some helpful resources to pursue your education.


Choose when, where, and how to make the most of the minutes in your day. CTU Mobile makes it easy for you to keep up 与类, 完成家庭作业, stay connected with timely notifications, and manage your education on the go.


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Share in the conversation about your university. 在线 Communities such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help you stay current with the happenings of CTU.

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Our Student Portals allow online and campus students to log in and access their education. 在线学生会发现 M.U.S.E. 位于学生门户下面.


CTU's dedicated 学生建议 team is a group of real people who act as advocates assisting students with their academic planning and concerns seven days per week. Advisors are here to answer student questions about their degree 项目, aid students in understanding policies and procedures, work to promote high-quality interactions between students and faculty, and much more. Advisors are just one part of the supportive CTU community, helping students ensure their educational pursuits are balanced with work and family life.

Have questions about your academic progress, selecting or changing degree 项目, 从……转入学分 另一所学院或大学, class schedules or would you simply like to learn more about 学生建议 at CTU? 我们是来帮忙的. Contact your campus for more information.


我们与Tutor合作.com to bring you an on-demand online tutoring platform at no additional cost. 辅导 provides 24/7 access to tutors who are highly trained in a variety of subjects, from beginner to advanced levels. 辅导 is a tool to help you reach your education goals.

  • Work one-on-one with an experienced tutor
  • Improve your writing with writing reviews
  • 为工作面试练习
  • Complete a practice quiz to determine where you need help with topics like math and writing

学生 can access tutoring through the 辅导 link in any assignment on the Virtual Campus.


利用 CTU资源中心 to access the 大学目录, the Student Handbook, and more.


学生 who wish to pursue filing a grievance or perceive that their rights may have been denied may seek assistance through the CTU Ombudsman's Office. The Ombudsman staff is responsible for mediating student concerns and serving as a liaison between the student and University departments where communication may have broken down. The Ombudsman's Office will seek to ensure fair and compliant treatment with regard to the matters complained of and the handling of a complaint.

Additional details about this process and the CTU grievance procedure, including the steps taken to file a grievance, can be found in the 大学目录. You can also reach the Ombudsman's Office by contacting StudentGrievance@Coloradotech.edu. The University's grievance procedure allows for the prompt resolution of grievances.

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